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Mai Co Babywash with Mandarin Essential Oil | Review

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Mai Co products are unique, gentle and fabulous! That is my humble opinion anyway! My baba loves this wash and it leaves her skin squeeky clean, soft and smelling wonderful!

Red Quinoa from Health Food Warehouse | Review

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I've always been a fan of quinoa and this was the first time I tried the red version. Slightly nuttier tasting than the white version, I found this great to use as a replacement for dishes which would usually need a rice base. It tastes great cold in salads and I even made a breakfast cereal with it! Quinoa is high in protein and great for those on a grain free diet.

Macadamia nut flour from Health Food Warehouse | Review

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As a gluten free bunny of many years, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting flours to use in gluten free baking. HFW suggested macadamia nut flour as an alternative to almond flour and after giving it a trial run, I am absolutely sold! The macadamia nut flour is somehow 'lighter' than almond or coconut flour and does not require as much extra liquid or eggs when used in baking.