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Beaucience baby wash | Review

Baby HeadToToeWash 350x350

There are few things as delicious as the smell of a baby fresh from the bath and with the Beaucience baby wash, this becomes even more so! I found the wash gentle and non-drying and it worked well as a shampoo and body wash for my little one.

Red Reishi Tincture - African Forest Medicinals | Review

wild red reishi tincture

With a one year old in the house and a full work schedule, my hubby and I can't really afford to catch the flu, so we were delighted to discover African Forest Medicinals! We have been using the Red Reishi tincture daily for about a month and both of us can feel the difference in our energy levels, we sleep better and even though we have been in contact with many friends and clients who had the flu or the sniffles, we are both still standing strong!

Earth Ant Deodorants | Review

Earth ant deodorant wild rose props small 1

Creating a natural deodorant is not for the faint hearted and I have tried and discarded many in my search for The One. Well, I think I've found my match! Earth Ant natural Deodorants smell wonderful ( I love love love the Rose variety!) and best of all, they are actually super effective, even on really hot days and days when I was exercising!