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Review - JINJA Face wash | JINJA anti-ageing oil | JINJA velvet touch day cream and night cream.


One of the first things I noticed about the JINJA face wash is the wonderful scent, I really felt like I had a flower garden in my shower! The wash left my skin feeling cleansed but not dry or tight and I truly felt 'fresh-faced'. In the mornings I followed the wash with the velvet touch day cream and in the evenings I followed up with the anti-ageing oil and a bit later applied the night cream.

Down to Earth Clear Skin Gel | Review

2016 CSG Tube square 400x400

In the new easy-to-carry-everywhere packaging, the Down to Earth Clear Skin Gel has become a handbag and car staple for me. It has proved super effective on mozzie bites, irritating little itchy scratches (you know when you decide to bundubash your way up a mountain!) and as an emergency aftersun cooling and repair gel for myself and my little one.

Heart Tree Bath salts and oils | Review

The Heart Tree bath salt

As a first time Mommy, I love anything which can make me feel pampered and as if I'm practising good self care! What better way than to soak my footsies in some delectable bath salts and oils from Heart Tree?! A 15 - 20 minute foot soak, accompanied by a huge cup of Rooibos tea and some dark chocolate? Heavenly!