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Esse eye make up remover | Review

eye make up remover 2

Esse are pioneers in organic skincare and they just keep getting better! I love their new packaging! This eye make up remover, removed waterproof mascara and full eye make up with no difficulty at all, it left my skin moisturised and my eyes did not water or burn or feel dry after use, which is often the case with other eye make up removers I've tried.

KISHMISH Sugar Free Cheeky Red Pepper Chutney | Review

kishmish chutney onion 1I don't often find a use for chutney but this one changed my mind. We had it with strong cheddar and freshly baked bread, we had it with a rice salad, we added it to a salsa, we used it as a baked potato topping and when it was almost done, we scraped the jar and had it on some crackers!

KISHMISH Sugar Free Pomegranate and Rose cordial | Review

kishmish cordial pomegranate rose 1I took this cordial along to a garden party and ended up almost finishing the bottle in one afternoon! Just sweet enough with a lovely subtle rose flavour and the nice light tang of the pomegranate, this makes a wonderfully refreshing drink and it looks great in a glass with some bubbly soda water!