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Hemp Earthly Body Suntouch Candle (available from Hemporium) - Review

Hemp Earthly Body Suntouch Candle

Besides providing great ambience and a wonderful scent for any living space, my Sunkissed Lavender Soy candle from Hemporium proved to be an excellent remedy for insomnia as well as the perfect cure for aching muscles and joints!

sunumbra P natural sunscreen for the family - Review

sunumbra P natural sunscreen

With summer in the air and beach time and late evenings beckoning, sunscreen is once again on many shopping lists. Who else remembers neon coloured sticky creams lovingly applied by Mom and then quickly wiped off behind a tree somewhere by ourselves?! Luckily for us, sunscreens have come a long way since I was in school!

Product Showcase - Coco'mari Organic Coconut Oil from Nyla Naturals

 IMG 20150309 000328

Nyla Naturals’ Coco'mari is an organic coconut oil that is harvested from fresh coconuts in Sri Lanka. The extraction process allows for the oil to be left raw, allowing it to retain its freshness, thereby retaining the maximum nutrients and restorative properties.