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Macadamia nut flour from Health Food Warehouse | Review

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As a gluten free bunny of many years, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting flours to use in gluten free baking. HFW suggested macadamia nut flour as an alternative to almond flour and after giving it a trial run, I am absolutely sold! The macadamia nut flour is somehow 'lighter' than almond or coconut flour and does not require as much extra liquid or eggs when used in baking.

I successfully used it in crackers, bread, crusts (for cheesecake), pizza bases and cakes. Mostly I found it best to combine it with other flours as it is very rich and filling. It has a wonderfully nutty taste which is subtle and wonderful with savoury goods and adds a whole other dimension to cakes. Find out more about Health Food Warehouse