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Sacred Earth Heirloom and Organic seeds


Sacred Earth seeds have emerged from the love of nature and nature’s cycles, from the peace, nourishment, bounty and joy that a garden gives!

The love of bio-diversity - variety in the garden and kitchen and life!

The joy of sharing seeds with friends and travellers,

The wonder of sowing a seed and watching as it reveals itself!

General Planting and Sowing Guide for South Africa

Do you ever wonder what to sow at which time of the year? Help is at hand in the form of a wonderful guide which I found in the bookshelf of a good friend! It is well worth buying the book, for now though, see a summary of the general sowing and planting guide for South Africa below. Happy Planting!

Gardening in small spaces

Gardening in small spaces.

gardening in small spaces green walls herb garden vertical

 If you have spent as many hours as I have standing in front of the fruit and veg section in a supermarket, trying to find food which looks and smells like the food from your childhood, then you’ll know why I choose to go organic whenever possible. I dream of my own garden, filled with vegetables bursting with nutrients, glowing with life-energy, butterflies flitting through and ladybirds paying a royal visit. Alas, I lack space, living in a flatlet does not exactly allow one the scope for gardening!