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Why buy Organic products | 10 reasons

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The difference between organic and non organic

Is there a difference between organic and non-organic products? What reason is there to switch to buying mostly organic produce? Below are ten reasons we feel sure will help you in your decision!

1 – Assurance

Organic products need to comply with strict standards set by the various organic certification bodies. This means the consumer can be assured that these products have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and in the case of fruit and vegetables especially, have been grown without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals.

2 – Healthy soil – the foundation of a healthy food chain

Organic farms contribute to building healthy soil by using practices which do not put harmful substances into the soil and by working with nature to ensure that soil gets time to recover after each crop. Healthy soil affects the entire food chain, thus ensuring we have a better chance of getting all the minerals and vitamins which should be present in our food. Organic farming techniques also build topsoil by not contributing to its erosion.

3 – Conserving Water

Organic farming helps to conserve water resources by eliminating the use of polluting chemicals.

4 – No anti-biotics or added hormones

Organic meat and dairy products are free from anti-biotics, GMO feed and added hormones, making these products a much better option for health conscious consumers.

5 – Ethical animal treatment

Organic practices ensure more ethical and humane treatment of animals and animals are fed a 100% animal matter free diet.

6 – Ecology and Resources

Organic farms use less resources than factory farms and promote careful ecological management.

7 – Taste!

Organic food tastes great! If you have ever eaten a peach straight from the tree, you’ll know there is no comparison.  As organic produce contains more of what it should and less of what it shouldn’t, it often tastes more like the food our grandparents used to grow.

8 – GM free

Organic food is GM free. As genetically modified ingredients and crops are not allowed under organic certification standards, consumers buying organic food have no need to worry about GM additions to their food. This also helps to support small farmers striving to avoid planting GM crops.

9 – More of the good stuff

On average, organic food has higher levels of minerals such as iron, chromium, calcium and magnesium and also usually contains more Vitamin C than its non-organic counterparts.

10 – No additives

Organic food is additive free. Additives such as monosodium glutamate and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, both of which have been the subject of many health debates in recent years, are not permitted for use in organically certified products.

If the above is not reason enough for you to consider shopping organic, just browse through our site and let the sheer appeal of the products convince you! From cosmetics and household cleaning products to wines, fruit and vegetables as well as some decidedly decadent foods, we know there will be something to tempt you to at least explore shopping organic!