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Meet the Montinis – the passionate Italian family behind Risoli cookware

When observing the Montini family, gathered together around a table drinking cups of coffee, they look like your typical Italian family, but behind the laughing and loud chatting, they are in fact the cookware giants responsible for creating the successful Risoli brand.

montini family

We all know that Italians are famous for supplying us with one of the most beautiful cuisines in the world. They are responsible for all things delicious, so when an Italian family creates a cooking range, you know it’s going to be special as it allows us to have our own little bit of Italy at home. The Montini family started the Risoli brand in the early sixties in Lumezzane, Italy and their uniqueness is due to the way they make all of their kitchenware with love and passion.

The inspiration behind the brand
“A kitchen brings family and friends together and it is a place for love and laughter”. Alfredo Montini was responsible for starting Risoli and his idea was brewed from his love of cooking and “thinking out the box” when it came to creating something a little different that families can enjoy together when cooking in the kitchen. Italians pride themselves on their cooking ability and their value on family and so Montini wanted to create a way to bring these two loves together. Mission accomplished! Risoli is now one of the best run family businesses in the cooking utensils market.

Alfredo Montini’s intention was to substitute the old cast iron kitchenware with a lightweight product and the result was easier to handle, easier to clean cookware, with a better, uniform heat distribution, in order to guarantee constant cooking and help food keep its natural taste.

When the idea to create Risoli was born, Alfredo took a big risk, as nobody within the industry wanted to change the old system. Everybody was comfortable using heavy metals, but Montini had a different vision and now people all around the world are able to enjoy the benefits of cast aluminium, light weight, non-stick cookware in their kitchens.

Alfredo explains that big research is done inside the company to ensure there are high value and good quality products being created. They want the public to have a good experience when using Risoli items which is why the family is constantly looking for inspiration with regards to metals, colours and ideas for the Risoli range. “I had fifty years experience working with a famous Italian chef, and everybody in our family is always presenting their new ideas on the job”, says Alfredo, when asked about where the ideas behind the brand comes from.

A family affair indeed
Everybody within the Montini family works on the inside and they claim business is run better this way because of the trust, love and respect that comes with mixing business and family. Alfredo and Marilena are still running the show with their two children Andrea and Cristina, as well as their spouses, and they are all playing a big role within the family business.
Marilena, Alfredo’s wife, was the first one to join in the company and now their children, Cristina and Andrea, are running the business as well. This passion, shared by the family, makes Risoli a typical Italian industrial company. The family are only content to produce products they would personally want to use in the kitchen, their favourite item being Dr Green 28 cm frying pan, as it is easy to use, versatile and perfect for cooking a family dinner.

Staying true to their Italian roots, no work can get done without a good cup of Italian coffee and when asked who makes the best cup of coffee in the family, it was quickly answered that Marilena, the mother in the family, is responsible for making the most delicious brew. “She takes care and she takes her time when making the coffee. There are no big flames, only small ones. We use the Zarina coffee maker and we always drink our coffee together as a family”. Coffee time is brain storming time for the Montini family.

Andrea and Cristina will take over the family business when Alfredo and Marilena decide to fully hand the business over to their children. Andrea has already been in charge of Risoli for the past twenty years and after his studies and experience within the company, he feels like he is fully capable of continuing to run and keep the reputation of Risoli alive. Cristina is also very much involved, and both siblings will in turn, hand the business over to their children when the day comes for them to retire.

In the kitchen with the Montinis
Like most Italian families, the Montinis are happiest when they are in the kitchen, and cooking together as a family is something they cherish. One piece of advice the family would pass on to other families using Risoli cookware is that before you can put love or passion into your cooking, you need to firstly love yourself. “Good food needs a good cooking plan and a lot of love”, says Alfredo.

The Explora Single Serving Pan is an item that ranks very highly within the Montini family and the reason being that when cooking with this pan, the result will be, “The best steak or vegetables ever!”. Alfredo believes the Explora is the way of the future when it comes to cooking, because of its easy-to-cook, easy-to-clean concept.

Induction cookware has become more widespread in our homes and for this reason, Risoli has dedicated an entire range, unique to their brand, that collaborates easily with other kitchenware items to allow for high resistance, energy saving and a lifetime guarantee, when cooking. The Universal Induction Disc Adaptor from Risoli is scratch resistant, non-stick, with a thickness of 7 mm, proving a guarantee of quality, and the ability to convert any cookware item into a induction stove suitable piece.

montini family

It’s all about sharing family secrets
As a family, the Montini’s favourite dish to cook is spaghetti al pomodorobasilico, it is a firm favourite amongst all members of the family. The Montini’s also shared their secret family recipe that has been with them for generations. Their secret, signature dish is liquid polenta and fried shrimp.
Alfredo’s love and belief in healthy food and cooking has contributed to his business in kitchenware, and he has installed this belief within the Risoli brand to try and keep the food flavoursome and wholesome. Risoli has made cooking time that little bit more special.