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Sign this petition to stop triple stacked GM Maize

From our friends at the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB):


Sikathele!! Phansi GM Maize in SA Phansi!! Phambili Food Justice, Phambili!!

Please sign this petition and objection to Dow’s triple stacked GM maize.

Phansi GM Maize 1.jpgSouth Africa’s staple food, maize, could soon be loaded with new combinations of foreign genes, and sprayed with new cocktails of agrochemicals. Agribusiness giant, Dow, is applying to South African authorities for the right to sell yet another GM maize variety for cultivation and ultimately consumption. The variety in question is designated as MON 89034 x TC1507 x NK603. It is a “triple-stacked” maize that allows the plant to produce several toxins against pests, as well as being able to withstand the weed killing chemicals glyphosate and glufosinate. This GM maize has been artifically developed in a laboratory and contains patented transgenes belonging to Monsanto and Dow.

The Shoporganic Editors' Choice Top 5 products of 2017

shoporganic top 5 2017 fb post

As is our tradition, in January each year, we highlight the products which really stood out for us the year before, the choice is always a difficult one, as South Africa is blessed with amazing companies, doing wonderful work and producing outstanding products and this year it was harder than most! After much thought, we finally managed to narrow it down to our top 5, find them below:

Kishmish Dark Chocolate and Orange rusk skinnies - Banting friendly (and thus gluten free)


If I had my way, I would gift everyone I know with a bag of these, they are THAT good! Perfect flavour combination, light on the digestion and definitely the BEST gluten free rusks I've come across (and I've tried many!). Read our review here:

Special Xmas offers from Reydiant!

Reydiant are offering great extras on purchases, take a look at their special offers below!