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Organic Certification - Why Bother?

Text and image contributed by Bruce Cohen of Absolute Organix. For more, please visit
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Every year around Easter our factory is visited by a rather stern and methodical man named Ralph who represents Germany’s BCS Oko, one of the largest and most respected organic inspection agencies (it certifies 450 000 farms and 1000 businesses like ours around the world).

In the build-up to his visit, Absolute Organix is a flurry of high-adrenalin activity as we rush to ensure that all the documentation around our organic procurement and processing as well our physical production facilities will stand up to Ralph’s laser-beam scrutiny.

The benefits of organic food and products in skincare

Text contributed by Marlize Nel from Down to Earth. Find out more here:

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Just how deep is skincare? Although a solid skincare routine is good advice, skincare is not only skin deep, it starts deep in your gut.

If the word skincare is mentioned, do you think of a skincare routine – a step by step process of cleansing, exfoliating, perhaps toning and then moisturising? These are after all the basics of maintaining of a healthy skin, taught to us by our mothers and the media.

Creating your own personal blends with Essential Oils

Text contributed by Jomien Rabie
Image by Praisaeng from

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There are a variety of ways in which  the layman can use essential oils for health and beauty. The novice should start with three or five essential oils that they feel personally attracted to.
Always obey the rule of “less is more” i.e. keep dilutions to 1-3drops (one to three)per 5ml. carrier oil and be aware of any contra-indications that may exist for your personally chosen essential oil.