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General Planting and Sowing Guide for South Africa

Do you ever wonder what to sow at which time of the year? Help is at hand in the form of a wonderful guide which I found in the bookshelf of a good friend! It is well worth buying the book, for now though, see a summary of the general sowing and planting guide for South Africa below. Happy Planting!

South Africans call for immediate ban on GM maize after shocking cancer study

Explosive results from a new French study conducted on the long-term
health impacts of genetically modified (GM) foods published in the
peer reviewed journal 'Food and Toxicology' last week, suggest that
consumers in South Africa face a very serious threat from one of their
staple foods.

Avaaz petition to save the solar revolution

Climate change is accelerating, but there’s a massive ray of hope: clean energy is booming, producing nearly 20% of the world's electricity! Incredibly, the US and EU are threatening to stifle this breakthrough -- but together we can stop them.

In the last decade the Chinese government has invested billions in solar, sending panel prices plummeting and making clean green tech almost as cheap as dirty fossil fuels. But the US and EU, who give billions in taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil and Coal, are about to drive solar prices back up by putting tariffs on China, and now China is threatening to retaliate. A full on trade war is brewing that could kill the crucial green energy revolution.