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Prime Self | Supplements to optimize human performance


061 582 0219 | 083 297 2172


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Prime Self is a newly developed cutting-edge health brand in South Africa, with the vision of providing effective and safe supplementation in order to optimize human performance, from cognition to performance to vitality, we aim to tackle every aspect of human functioning and optimize it.

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At Prime Self, we believe that the time has come to update the "Human Operating system", reboot and optimize how we function, perform & live. We aim to consistently provide tools, tips & life hacks that will enable the modern day individually to be at their optimal performance. We have the utmost confidence in our products and we feel you should too, which is why we opt for complete transparent labeling, to show you exactly what you are getting, as well as the careful selection of nootropics, adaptogens, and other cutting-edge ingredients, to create our top-performing products!

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Optimize. Perform. Repeat.

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