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Nutrifir Devour for Pets | Natural Food and Products for Pets


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Nutrifir Devour for Pets

Nutrifir Devour for Pets is all about natural health for your pets. Our products range from the wonder food Kefir to the RAW food diet as well as natural products and remedies to help keep our pets healthy, clean and happy.

Our products include:
• Kefir for Pets
If you cannot switch to a low carb pet food (like a species appropriate raw food diet) then you will need to supply your pet with something to attack the yeast. Meet kefir.
• RAW Food
The benefits of Raw Food are undisputed. Dogs & cats are carnivores with physical features that are designed for an almost exclusively meat-based diet.

• Health Products
Give your pets the best natural pet care with Nutrifir's Devour for Pets health products.

Our new launched products will be available soon: natural pet remedies include dog shampoo, natural flea collar dip, calming spray and more aromatherapy products.


Nutrifir Devour for Pets