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Herba Farmacy - Natural Healing CC | Manufacturers and Distributors of Dr Hulda Clark Products


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The original organisation “Natural Healing” was founded in 1998 by Shelley Keith. The main aim was to assist Dr Hulda Clark enthusiasts to be able to obtain her products in South Africa, as importing was and still is financially impossible. Through many years of research, and in the early days, with assistance and collaboration with Dr Clark herself, Natural Healing grew in popularity and became the only true manufacturer of Dr Clark products in Africa. The sourcing of the purest quality of raw materials was a massive task and through diligence and perseverance the products slowly evolved into the ranges you see on our shelves today.

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Natural Healing has been manufacturing the Dr Hulda Clark protocol products for over 18 years now and has earned its rightful position of the leading Dr Clark manufacturer in Africa. Through collaboration with Dr Hulda Clark herself, our now famous “Zapper” was created and approved by Dr Hulda Clark herself. This prestigious title is still held by us as the only approved Dr Hulda Clark Zapper manufacturer in Africa.

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“Natural Healing” was sold to a brother, Anthony Gouws and sister, Desiree Campher team. As the name “Natural Healing” was never registered, a new name had to be created and designed to hold not only the older energy of “Natural Healing” but introduce a new energy and vibrancy of the new owners. Thus Herba Farmacy was created.
On purchasing the Company, the team have continued to improve the current systems and protocols, as well as introducing New Labels and marketing, in the form of new website that you are looking at now. We will continue to strive to increase our product base and maintain the quality and purity to the best of our ability. We will also strive to continue to educate and spread the knowledge of herbs and the uses. We will continue to source and improve, where we are able, the purest quality of organic raw material available locally and internationally. We are fully committed to making the products available as widely as we are able to, by means of practitioners and stockist, and to ensure prompt and personal service to the best of our ability.

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We also commit ourselves to assist all those who come in contact with us to take back their power of “Self-Help- Self Health”. And finally to encourage as many as possible to educate THEMSELVES in the Natural Protocols.
It has been a challenging, but joyous journey of discovery for our team, who are all totally committed to the success and growth of Herba Farmacy.

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Our Mission Statement:
Herba Farmacy mission is to assist all those individuals and professionals who wish to take back their power of health. To take responsibility of applying and implementing a complementary approach in their efforts of improving their own health, their patients and clients health. To assist all who wish too, to improve their knowledge of Dr Hulda Clark protocols by means of available information. We also will source the purest possible raw materials and manufacture them in accordance to GMP and high standards and protocols.

Our Vision
1. By ensuring we manufacture and supply the purest possible quality products, and maintain high standards
2. That we will honour your faith in us as the one of the primary recognised source of manufactured products and services in South Africa.
3. By making available all education tools at our disposal to assist and educate all who wish to apply natural protocols in their lives, and improve their own health and knowledge.

The main aim is to assist you in understanding the need to implement detoxification, as you will come to understand, that in the 21st century we are bombarded with a level of toxicity that our precious bodies can no longer handle on their own. Many of you have now come to this understanding that allopathic medicine has its role in our lives, but that we have to take back our power of “ Self Health, Self Help”. No longer are we able to ignore the most logical fact that if your body holds toxins, you will have a high level of parasites. These parasites excrete all sorts of by products into our systems causing endless difficulty in maintaining a strong healthy, body, mind and soul.

These following three reasons are probably the most significant reasons to detoxify and uplift your precious body:
We know, at least instinctively, that we need to clean up our bodies and our lifestyles. Many of us feel we are not functioning at full potential or we have been diagnosed with something serious or debilitating. We have tried a host of allopathic and possibly even complementary approaches but the problems are not gone and we have this niggling feeling that we should be able to do something more to feel better. We are right to attempt to detox, as we know our lifestyles are toxic. The truth is our bodies are bombarded by a host of poisonous compounds every day most of which we are blissfully unaware of. They may be in small amounts but cumulatively we know they must be having an effect on our state of health. Getting informed so that we can make better choices regarding our exposure levels is in fact paramount and there are many books written on the subject if we care to look. Dr Clark is of course the master on this subject and her books are available from Herba Farmacy. Essentially trying to “Detox” without understanding where the toxins are coming from can be a temporary fix at best, as you will continue to be exposed to the same toxins and will likely recreate the problem sooner or later.

Another reason to consider detoxing is the fact that generally our immune systems are much more compromised than those of our grandparents because of normal 21st century living and as a consequence we have bigger issues with parasites and chronic infective processes than they ever would have had. So included in any good detoxification process should be a cleanup of parasites and this may be a far bigger job than simply a standard de-wormer from the chemist.

And finally, not all of you are aware that we suffer from cellular dehydration. This is when we do not take in sufficient good quality water to assist our cells to hydrate efficiently. Many minor dis-eases and serious conditions can be avoided and alleviated by drinking the correct water in sufficient quantities. That is why we also have the only range of “Living Water” available. The Living Water can be programmed individually for specific conditions or balanced in energy vibration to suit each individual. Not only is it imperative to drink at least 2 litre of water a day, it must be living water to rejuvenate the cellular structure.

We wish you all encouragement, determination and success in your new quest of healing your body, mind and soul. You are on the verge of an exciting and healing journey of empowerment and discovery. TAKING BACK YOUR POWER OF ‘SELF HELP, SELF HEALTH”. As you familiarise yourself with our protocols , please bear in mind that you are in charge. After you have accustomed yourself to what protocols you would like to align, you may set whatever pace suits you financially, emotionally and mentally. It is up to you to watch, feel and assess your body as to when the next step of detoxification should take place. It is obvious that your level of success will be measured by your commitment and implementation of the procedures.