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Hemporium | Hemp clothing | Hemp cosmetics | Hemp Products | Hemp Fabric | South Africa


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About Hemporium

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Hemporium is a South African Hemp Company. Since 1996 we have been locally producing hemp clothing, accessories and cosmetics from imported raw material. We have been actively involved in lobbying for a change in legislation so that South Africa can take advantage of the jobs, housing and food that this amazing eco-resource can offer.

 hemporium field hemporium field2

Commercial trial hemp crop in the Western Cape grown by Hemporium's farming partner, Rapula Farms 2013

Hemporium Outlets

Hemporium products can be found online at or directly from the following outlets:

Retail outlet: 210 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel: 012 481 1853

Factory outlet: 11 Regent Park, 2 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park. Tel: 021 702 4988

Hemp clothing

hemp clothing hemp clothinghemp products

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Wearing a hemp Tshirt instead of a conventionally grown cotton one saves the planet approximately:

1900kJ of Energy, 0.8 square metres of Land, 2000 litres of Water, 77 grams of fertiliser, 1 gram of toxic Pesticides.

Hemp, good for you and your planet.


Industrial hemp is not psychoactive, and can be grown organically with ease. It is an incredibly versatile resource that is harvested in 4-5 months and provides fibre, woody stalks and oil rich seeds. Hemp fibre is 3 times stronger than cotton and saves energy, land, agro-chemicals and water. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega fatty acids and mimics the skins oils when used as a base in cosmetics.

Hemp really is the premier eco-resource and provides us with solutions to so many of the challenges we currently face.

Hemp Fabric

Hemporium offers a wide range of hemp fabric by the meter, from 100% hemp canvas and lightweight organic linen to beautiful and luxurious hemp silk. Contact 021 702 49 88

Hemp cosmetics


hemporium cosmetic hemporium soap

The benefits of Hemp oil in cosmetics:

The essential fatty acids in hemp oil have been clinically proven to be of therapeutic value in a wide range of cosmetic products. Hemp oil makes an excellent emollient and gets absorbed deep into the derma where it mimics the effects of the skins natural oils. Even when grown conventionally, hemp does not need the use of pesticides and herbicides so there are no residues of these chemicals in the oil.

Hemporium has a full cosmetic range that is free from preservatives, petro-chemicals, laurel sulphates and parabens. The range is also fully bio-degradable. Remember when it comes to chemicals, if you wouldn’t put it on your skin on its own, don’t accept it in your cosmetics.

Hemp in nutrition:

Hemp seed oil is one of the best natural sources of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 as well as the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E. Hemp seed protein powder is an easily digestible form of plant protein and also provides vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese amongst others. It is also a good source of several B vitamins. Adding Hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein powder to your daily diet can go a long way to giving your body the excellent nutrition it deserves..naturally.

For more about the health benefits of Hemp please see our article here:


  • Street: Flagship store at 15 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Westlake
  • City: Cape Town