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Health Food Warehouse | Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds, Nut Flours, Seed Flours, Natural Sweeteners, Gluten Free Flours, Banting




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HealthFood Warehouse is a family owned and operated business. Our mission is to make tasty, healthier food choices affordable without ever compromising on the quality of the products we offer you. Lower prices do not mean lower quality. We would rather not stock a product at all, or be out of stock, if we cannot find products that meet our standards.
Our standard is moral and ethical, we will only offer you what we would happy to eat, at prices we would be happy to pay. Our suppliers are the same companies that supply the branded products you see for sale in the health shops and supermarkets.
Healthy living is dismissed by many as too expensive and unfortunately, it very often is. We do everything possible to change that for the better.

We only sell what we would eat, at prices we would be happy to pay!

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Our Products

K640 ALMONDS RAW 4 1024x1024 228x228    K800 CASHEWS ROASTED 1 1024x1024 228x228       K640 APRICOT HALVES DRIED 2 1024x1024 228x228 K800 peach healves dried 1024x1024 228x228

Nuts                                                                                        Dried Fruits

K640 CHIA 6 1024x1024 228x228 K640 GOLDEN FLAX SEED 1 1024x1024 228x228 K640 sunflower seed 3 1024x1024 228x228 K640 pumpkin seed4 530x 228x228


K640 almond flour 1024x1024 228x228 K640 MACADAMIA FLOUR 2 1024x1024 228x228 K640 golden flax flour 3 1024x1024 228x228 K800 sunflower seed flour 2 1024x1024 228x228       

Seed Flours                                                                            Nut Flours

K800 ERYTHRITOL 1 1024x1024 228x228 K640 XYLITOL3 1024x1024 228x228       K640 22276038 xxl 1024x1024 228x228 K640 quinoa white 3 1024x1024 228x228

Natural Sweeteners                                                           Plant Protein

K640 almond flour 1024x1024 228x228 4998 01 04 2013 15 12 53 700 228x228 coconut flour K800 brown rice flour grande 228x228

Gluten Free Flours

Our warehouse is located in Firlands just outside Somerset West in the scenic Helderberg basin.
It's at the foot of the mountains and within sight of the sea. Near paradise !
We only sell online, we do not have a shop. Your orders are collected by some of the best courier companies in the country and most of our customers receive their orders within 48 to 72 hours of ordering. If you live in an outlying area it might take a bit longer to get to you.

Take a look at what we have to offer: Click HERE.


  • Street: 11 Sweetwater Road Firlands Gordons Bay 7140
  • Postcode: P/Bag X34 Suite 52 Somerset West 7130