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Organic Solve | Natural, Organic, Plant-based Cleaning Products


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About Organic Solve:

Organic Solve is a range of proudly South African plant-based chemical free cleaning products for the home as well as industrial and agricultural cleaners, pesticides and fungicides.
Both the home and agricultural lines are the result of years of personal research and testing by the founder of Organic Solve, who, many years ago, decided to free his home from chemicals and toxins. As he struggled to find organic and natural products which were as effective as conventional products, he started to experiment with a wide variety of plant extracts,natural oils and essences and so Organic Solve was born.

Our Products:

      organic-solve-degreaserorganic-solve-hand-sanitiserOrganic-Solve-Surface-Cleaner-SprayOrganic-Solve-Surface-Cleaner  Organic-Solve-Dishwashing-LiquidOrganic-Solve-Hand-WashOrganic-Solve-Laundry-Liquid

Organic Solve products are free from chlorine, alcohol and ammonia and all products are clinically proven and laboratory tested to ensure that you get the same powerful sanitising and cleaning abilities you are used to.
Made with ingredients which are fully bio-degradable, each Organic Solve product is earth friendly and effective and offers great protection against viruses, germs and bacteria.

Organic Solve products have a wonderfully fresh citrus fragrance and are mixed and bottled using environmentally friendly facilities and processes.With a wide range of plant-based sterilisers, solvents and cleaners, which deal easily with even the toughest grease, grime, stains and dirt; there is an organic solve cleaning solution for every home and business.

We enjoy our part in making this earth a better place and by using the pure, plant-based, environmentally friendly and effective cleaning solutions we have to offer, we hope you enjoy it too!


Coming from a farming background, Organic Solve's founder wanted a holistic, organic option for taking care of the pests and other organisms which affected his crops, further research and experimentation, led him to develop the C-solve range which is now available to the public for general use in home gardening as well as in agriculture.

For those who love the Earth, C-solve provides an organic insecticide and fungicide, an earth-friendly solution!

Organic Solve - Good for our planet, good for you. 

Our current special offers and promotions:

 A gift bag special of three products in a drawstring bag, 100ml each, being waterless hand sanitiser for the desperate traveller, hand wash for the camper and tourist and surface cleaner for the fastidious Mom with her tots!  All For R70!

We also offer all six products in a 100ml x 6 pack for R130.

For more information regarding these and other offers, please do contact us!


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