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Earth Probiotic - Planet friendly food waste recycling solutions!


4kg Bokashi Kit

Earth Probiotic develops and manufactures 100% South African food waste composting solutions. Founded in 2010 by Karen and Gavin Heron, Earth Probiotic’s solutions scale from household Earth Bokashi systems to on-site in-vessel composting machines for businesses.

By composting food waste, not only do you recycle your food waste nutrients back to soil, you also stop this waste from polluting the environment in a landfill.

The Earth Bokashi home composting system is easy to use, non-smelly and can compost all food waste including cooked and uncooked meat, sea food, small bones, and dairy.

Bokashi means “fermented organic matter” in Japanese. Earth Probiotic’s “Earth Bokashi” utilises local indigenous micro-organisms in an airtight bin. The microbes in the bin ferment food waste so that it doesn’t rot or smell and rather becomes a beneficial matrix for soil (good bacteria + organic matter + key minerals = high value organic fertiliser).

Earth Garden earth probiotic

How does it work?

A simple step by step system allows one to turn food waste into garden food, in less than 8 weeks!

Step One: layer food waste with Bokashi in the digester bins.

Step Two: leave the full bin to stand for two weeks.

Step Three: Add waste to garden waste, trench it or feed it to your wormery.

Step Four: Wait 6 - 8 weeks and then use the highly nutritious compost as soil food!


By recycling our food waste we can each reduce our personal carbon footprint by a whopping 435kg of CO2E per ton of food waste and we can help to create a cleaner and safer kitchen and home environment, not to mention a healthier planet!

Earth Probiotics also supply a range of liquid probiotics for animal, garden, environmental and human health. These all-natural products are made from a consortium of probiotic bacteria, molasses and yeasts so that your life can be enriched, without the use of harmful chemicals!

Earth-Probiotic-Bokashi-Bucketcomposting bags earth probiotic ALL Earth Probiotic products are 100% natural, non GMO and locally produced!