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AFRICAN FOREST MEDICINALS - Superherbs for Superheroes


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African Forest Medicinals came into being after we moved to a beautiful farm in the Knysna Forest about 5 years ago. Around the same time we developed an interest in Chinese Tonic Herbalism – so we were delighted when we discovered the TOP Chinese Tonic herb – Ganoderma lucidum or Red Reishi – growing in our garden!

passion flower tincture wild red reishi tincture turkey tail tincture super hero immune boosting tea mix

We started to produce our own Wild Red Reishi tincture, then discovered Turkey Tail - which was also growing on our property - and its incredible healing properties, so we added another tincture to the mix. Passion Flower was another potent herb we came across in our reading – and as that also grows wild here, we included that tincture as well.

 african forest medecinal   african forest medecinal african forest medecinal 0

The Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix was inspired when we found yet more medicinal polypore mushrooms in the forest. We then used David Wolfe’s magic combination of adding goji berries and vanilla to herbal teas in order to enhance both the flavour and the medicinal value of the tea. Licorice root is traditionally used in order to harmonise all of the other herbs together and also brings its own health benefits – so we popped that in too. Delicious!

We are big fans of plant medicine in all its guises and are hugely inspired by Chinese Tonic Herbalism, which is such a supremely well-thought out system of medicine and the most holistic approach to health we have ever come across. We believe in sustainable harvesting of all of the plants we use – and will never do anything to tax the forest in any way. We absolutely love where we live – the energy of this place is extraordinary and it brings us great joy to be able to “bottle” some of that awesome healing and uplifting energy and send it out into the world.

We also have new products in the pipeline at the moment and can always promise to bring you something new and exciting. Watch this space!