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Orthentic - The ideal beauty, take-out, supplementation and overall health group | Authentically Organic Since 2004


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Orthentic south africa

The concept “Orthentic” was collectively thought out by the two founding members,husband and wife team, Vicki-lee & Matthew Fredericks. Vicki-lee and Matthew are both highly respected individuals within the fitness & corporate industry and present resumes that proclaim them as professionals on the South African fitness, health and corporate platforms. The Orthentic store is managed by a Herbalist, which brings even more expertise and knowledge to our clients, we promise to offer only the most honest advice and hope to progress to a status where we promote healthy lifestyles in every home within the region where our shops are based, and in the greater scope of things, the SA community!

Orthentic organic health shop south africa  Orthentic organic health shop south africa 1

Over the course of the last ten years, numerous health shops and alternative take-outs have openend within the SA market. This market is still very young and has based its growth on a very limited handful of market leaders, all specialising in one genre within their specific retail capacity. The individuals referred to all based their concepts around one focal area, with additionals being added as the brand grows, i.e.. “Kauai – healthy take- aways and snacks” – “the beauty factory – various but not exclusive natural cosmetic products” – “The health shop – vitamins and minerals” – what our brand aims to do is combine these 3 offerings but on a smaller, more exclusive platform. We bring extremely high end and lower priced products to a health conscious community (which SA is rapidly expanding to). Three major categories found within the shop will be stocked with two ranges per category – the first being of a higher price range, extremely high quality products which are all imported and the second consisting of the lower price ranges, which are locally made yet still of the highest quality available. This will apply to beauty products, supplementation and cooking ingredients/ nutrition. To add to these product ranges, will be the selling of organic health smoothies. A quick, healthy take-out that will appeal not only to the healthy conscious individual but also the taste buds of any individual who enjoys tantalizing new, tasty refreshments!

Orthentic organic products Orthentic organic health shop south africa

As this will be a first of its kind within this market, we are yet to establish our own legacy. We have experience which cannot be bought or taught and we warmly invite you to be part of the legacy. As we start writing the first chapter we do so with a supportive team and structured ethical system. Our values and healthy educational programs will give the community a platform to pursue a positive and healthy social life and lifestyle, making “Orthentic” a part of their home and family.

Our Mission:
Our group strives to not only maintain an environmentally friendly venture, creating a healthy platform where the community can be educated as to how to improve their lifestyle and overall health, but also obtain their supplementations at a cost that won’t hurt their monthly budgets. We aim to promote the maintenance of healthy lifestyles from the earliest age possible. We regard ourselves as a cultural lifestyle centre where ALL members of the community can tend to their needs by means of purchasing their requirements from an educated, professional system and passionately enthusiastic individuals!

Our Vision:
To manifest an inspirational legacy that will progress to a successful franchise by means of trading according to the stated MISSION. In order for us to become known as a respected, caring health “society” we promise to only trade with ethical values and partner with individuals that share our VISION...


  • Street: Flag store: Shop 35, Grey owl Village – Freight rd, Midrand/Centurion