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Akan Natural Moringa | 100% Natural Moringa products | Superfood


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Akan Natural Moringa was started by the Gaisie family after they personally experienced the amazing benefits of Moringa Oleifera and they decided to share this gift of nature with others. Akan Natural Moringa distributes High Quality, organically grown Ghanian Moringa Tea, Moringa Soap and oil as well as Moringa powder, all made from the Moringa Tree.


Moringa-powder-2Akan-MoringaTea-boxes Moringa-powder-spoon

The Moringa used in Akan Natural Moringa products is grown and harvested in different regions in Ghana using the organic and natural agricultural system known as permaculture. This means that the Moringa is grown using no unnatural interventions or pesticides.

In Ayurvedic Medicine the Moringa tree is called the drumstick tree and can be used in the treatment of 300 diseases, truly a superfood!

Moringa is a wonderful source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflamatory and other beneficial Nutrients which helps and is a good aid for Weight loss, Migraine and many other ailments.

Akan-MoringaTea Moringa-Smoothie Tea-pouring-condements MoringaTea Natural-Moringa-products

Simple routine exercise and making Moringa part of your daily regimen is an ideal way to keep your Mind & Body in peak performance. Remember, Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure! With any Dis-ease or Dis-order there will always be a Natural Path to WHOLENESS!

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