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Miöja skincare | Organic and Natural Cosmetics | Kwazulu Natal


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Miöja skincare products are formulated with only the purest natural and organic ingredients. We combine carefully selected plant and mineral extracts with unique vibrational remedies to bring you truly holistic skin care. Our holistic approach works on all levels –from physical through to energetic - to bring balance and wellness to both the skin and the self.

Banner-1We believe in allowing the body to regulate, renew and heal itself with gentle support by choosing real, clean ingredients that your body can recognise and utilise effectively. Miöja uses no toxic substances that may interfere with these processes; our products do not contain petro- chemicals , SLS, parabens, or artificial colour and fragrance.

At Miöja, we understand that our health and wellbeing is inseparable from the health of our planet, which is why we support organic and community enterprise growers, have a strictly no GMO policy and use recycled and recyclable glass, aluminium and paper packaging. Our Ecocert Organic Certification is in process and will be completed during 2012, as will our official Beauty Without Cruelty endorsement.

Our professional- grade products are suited to all skin types, helping to restore health to dry, damaged and blemished skins, and supplying superior nutrition to mature skin to help keep it youthful and radiant. Available at salons and spas both locally and internationally, Miöja Skincare supplies both retail and professional sizes. Our signature Miöja Bliss treatment offers an individually tailored facial combined with a bio-energy treatment using Miöja Elixirs- hand- blended and potentised aromatic oils, available only through accredited therapists.

Mioja’s three ranges, Green, Orange and Violet, are formulated with specific therapeutic and energetic purposes, each serving the individual needs of your skin and your self.


The Green Range’s calming, restorative effect on sensitized skin corresponds with its energetic properties, supporting emotional resilience, trust and courage. Miöja’s Green Range includes:

  • Rosehip and Aloe Repair Cream
  • Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser
  • Mallow and Starflower Body Cream
  • Frankincense Renewal Oil


The Orange Range is formulated to energise and enliven the skin, promoting circulation and the oxygenation of cells. The stimulating qualities of Miöja’s Orange Range inspire creativity, enthusiasm and focus. The complete Orange Range includes:

  • Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask
  • Pomegranate Vitalising Day Cream
  • Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment
  • Yarrow and Honeybush Body Cream


The detoxifying and brightening action of Miöja’s Violet Range is best suited to dry or mature skin; clarifying and bringing luminosity to skin tone and texture. Qualities of openness, awareness and integrity reflect the Violet Range’s radiant energy. The complete Violet Range includes:

  • White Clay and Chamomile Skin Polish
  • Grapefruit and Fennel Intensive Therapy
  • Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream
  • Elderflower and Violet Body Cream


Miöja is founded on the ethos that beauty needs no artifice. Our products are formulated with absolute integrity to restore balance and harmony on all levels; a return to innate beauty.

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  • Street: P.O.Box 369, Nottingham Road
  • Postcode: 3280
  • City: Midlands
  • State: Kwa Zulu Natal