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Mio Corazon - A natural flow of beauty


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About the business:
Mio Corazon is a producer and distributor of handmade natural skin and hair care products. We are passionate about creating quality products that are effective and reasonably priced.

Mio Corazon range

Mio Corazon’s slogan “a natural flow of beauty” stems from the idea that as your heart pumps to beautify you from the inside, nature’s heart pumps resources that beautify you from the outside. Our thought is to create a range that is toxin free and beneficial for the skin naturally.

How we started:
Emma M Morobe in 2012 started researching natural skin care to find less harmful and chemical free ways to combat acne, stretch marks and other skin problems. The result of this research became the birth of Mio Corazon. Mio Corazon later started selling its products. Since then Mio Corazon has been dedicated working towards producing 100% natural toxin free body care products that are suitable for all skin types.

Our products:

Mio Corazon soap  Mio Corazon soap Mio Corazon body scrub Mio Corazon body scrub
Our ingredients are carefully selected and combined with attention to their benefits. For example; our rooibos & honey soap carries all the benefits of honey and rooibos, thus it can repair, clarify and soothe the skin. We believe that the careful selection of ingredients will help nourish and pamper the skin. All our products are created with love and a beautiful skin in mind.
Our products consist of the skin range and the hair range.They are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful substances or preservatives. They are tested by our ever so supportive and loving family members and friends before they are released to the public. Mio Corazon would never test products on animals, so you can indulge yourself in our products knowing that no cruelty went into making you beautiful; just mother nature’s gentle touch.

Mio Corazon shea coco Mio Corazon oil