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Le Naturel | Unique range of natural products using indigenous oils and ingredients




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Le Naturel is a unique range of natural products using indigenous oils and ingredients. It is handcrafted in small batches in The Franschhoek valley of the Western Cape of South Africa.

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The name Le Naturel is a homage to Franschhoek's French roots. Franschhoek's original inhabitants were the Bushmen (San people) who were known for their ability to live off the land finding all they need in nature.

Our products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances & colours.
The products are purposely combined to create blends with a definitive remedial reason in mind. Every ingredient serves a purpose and is specifically chosen for each blend, based on its nutritional and therapeutic benefits. Our unique products are created to help rejuvenate and nurture the body, skin, and mind.

le naturel buchu lotionle naturel heli shampoole naturel snowbush washle naturel snowbush oil

The small batch manufacturing process is adapted to demand to guarantee products that are fresh and effective. Each product is carefully handcrafted with the purest and natural ingredients.

Owner, Lea is working with two passionate and talented ladies, Myrtle and Mary from the local community to ensure each batch is blended expertly and produced & packaged with love and care.

The elegant simple packaging represents the content of back to the basics and back to nature. Pure honest goodness.

We use amber glass bottles because amber glass is able to filter out the blue and ultraviolet light. This protects the essential oils and extends the shelf life of the ingredients.
Le Naturel’s innovative vision is creating products that are unique and exemplifies the natural resources of South Africa. The range is continually being expanded and developed to create products that are novel and showcases the beauty and benefits that nature has to offer.

We have 4 main aromas for our body range:
Buchu, African Lemon Bush & Cape Geranium
Cape May, Clary Sage & Rosemary
Cape Snowbush, Geranium, African Wormwood
Helichrysum, African Chamomile, Lavender

For each aroma we are creating the following products:
Hand & Body Wash
Body & Room Mist
Body & Bath Oil
Hand & Body Lotion