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Lavender in Lavender Hill - All natural ingredient lavender products | Body Lotion, Essential Lavender Oil & Lavender Hope Soap


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Welcome to Lavender in Lavender Hill
Lavender in Lavender Hill spreads relaxation to the world through creating high quality, health beneficial, all natural ingredient lavender body, home and food products crafted to make you feel pampered and loved while having a social aim.

Lavender in Lavender Hill full range

How it all started…
It all started in a community called Lavender Hill, Cape Town known for its gangs, violence, crime and joblessness. Working with an NPO called the Lavender Upliftment Trust for two years, founder Marcelle du Plessis saw the great need for skills training, job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment, not only in Lavender Hill, but in the entire Cape Town. This is how the Lavender in Lavender Hill Company was born.

All natural ingredient lavender products

Lavender in Lavender Hill products are high quality, health beneficial, all natural ingredient lavender body, home and food products.

Our products are crafted with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. They are free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals and we do not test on animals nor are any of our source products tested on animals.

All our products contain essential lavender oil, leaves or flowers. Lavender essential oil is known as the miracle oil and is good for relaxation & stress relief, muscular pain, headaches , flu & sinus, hair growth, skin problems (eczema, rashes, itchy skin, pimples, after shave, sunburn), healing burns, insect bites, infections and wounds and repelling insects such as moths and mosquitos.

Our product range currently includes:

Lavender in Lavender Hill body creamLavender in Lavender Hill Body ScrubLavender in Lavender Hill Body Scrub eye maskLavender in Lavender Hill essential oil
Body range: Bath salt, soaps, hand cream, body cream, body scrub, hand body lotion, hand wash, lip balm
Home range: Essential lavender oil, room and linen spray, sachets, eye masks, scented hearts, candles
Food range: Lavender cooking herb, lavender rooibos tea, lavender honeybush tea, lavender biscuits,

Our lavender body range has a soothing effect on the skin healing many imperfections and skin problems. Our home range enhances relaxation and stress relief. Our food range is the only of its kind in South Africa.
We aim to create only the best natural products to improve your health and to make you feel pampered and relaxed.

A different kind of healing – our Social Aim
Apart from having great products, Lavender in Lavender Hill has a social aim. Our aim is to support job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment in the Lavender Hill Community and Cape Town Areas. This is done through our choice of product producers, hosting of education sessions and Lavender Ambassadors.

Lavender in Lavender Hill productsLavender in Lavender Hill products Lavender in Lavender Hill products 2

Product producers
At Lavender in Lavender Hill we aim to enable job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment. For this reason, when teaming up with producers, we mainly work with community members from underprivileged backgrounds, entrepreneurs who are starting and running their own small businesses and companies that support job creation and empowerment. We are passionate about job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment. As South Africa is rife with a lack of jobs, assisting people to create their own work and take control of their financial income is what we strive to do.

 Our product producers:
Biscuits: Janap from the Lavender Hill community, baking biscuits out of her kitchen

Sachets: Shamielah form the Lavender Hill community, sewing from home

Candles: Veronica from the Lavender Hill community. This lady also teaches other ladies form the
community how to make beautiful candles. She has also converted her garage into a small
crèche where the children from the community, whose parents are unable to look after
them, come in the day. She feeds all of them, bathes them and clothes them and
completely relies on donations and sponsors to help her achieve this. The income from
producing candles for Lavender in Lavender Hill helps her to continue helping the children.

Eye masks: Lillian from the Strandfontein community produces these form her home.
Scented hearts: Also produced by Lillian

Hope Soap: Sharon and her team of ladies produces soaps from the Jubilee church in Observatory.

Packaging: Our products (cooking herb, essential oil and teas) are packaged by Ukama Packaging – a job creation company who helps the ladies from Vrygrond community create and run their own small packaging companies.

Lavender: Our dried lavender, used in our teas, cooking herbs, bath salts, sachets, eye masks and scented hearts, are sourced from two small family run farms, one based in Somerset West
the other in Swellendam. These farms are run part time to supplement their income.

Body & Home: Our body and home range is produced by young entrepreneur Tanya du Bois from
Naturals beauty – a fantastic entrepreneur and business woman who has grown her small
business to great success. This includes our body cream, hand cream, body scrub, bath
salt, hand body lotion, hand wash, lip balm and room spray.

When looking to add new products to our range we look far and wide to find the right producers to support on our empowerment journey. Lavender in Lavender Hill brings all the products together and acts as the sales arm. The more sales produced the more we assist these producers.

Education Sessions
As our inspiration came from Lavender Hill we help the community members further through hosting education and skills training sessions and donating lavender plants for personal or small enterprise use.

Education sessions are hosted on request. At such sessions people are taught about the uses of the lavender plant and how its herbal, natural qualities can help in their everyday lives (medicine, home, food etc). They are taught how to plant a plant, maintain it and how to cultivate many plants from one plant by taking cuttings. An information booklet is given to each attending community member for reference. These are held at the New World Foundation in Lavender Hill as well as surrounding community venues.

The aims of our education sessions and the handing out of plants are to uplift the community members of Lavender Hill in the following ways:
• Pride instillation: Plants give beauty - when your surrounding is beautiful you feel beautiful.
• Responsibility creation: Learning responsibility by growing a plant and looking after a plant.
• Sensitivity instillation: In a community where men, woman, boys and girls are forced to become desensitised to survive, plants and the act of caring for them bring back gentleness into people’s lives.
• Enterprise development and skills training: If people successfully look after their plants and cultivate them they can start their own business of selling lavender plants or lavender products with the skills that have been taught to them.

To date we have hosted 7 education sessions in which we trained 250 people and donated 254 plants | email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | tel: 082 357 7613