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Gaia Organics | Organic Skin Care & Oxygen Therapy Health Products


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Gaia Research, under the brand name Gaia Organics, have for the past 27 years been pioneers in the skin and health care industry actively formulating, producing and supplying health care products to most of the major health care outlets, pharmacies as well as our large number of faithful longstanding customers nationwide.

 Gaia-organics-Skin-Care-Oxygen-Therapy-Health-Products Gaia-organic-Skin-Care-Oxygen-Therapy-Health-Products

Our founder, Stuart Thomson having researched these groundbreaking formulae for over 3 decades, was a forerunner in his field and way ahead of his time pioneering many benchmark formulae that to this day have kept us abreast, if not ahead in this field.
Our trade or mission statement of " Earth, People and Animal Friendly" is precisely what we are about and if one adds the concept of 'non- alcohol based' products one can truly say that we are directly in line with the loosely used term of being 'Organic' .
We are a small company and have managed to maintain our levels of expertise and high standards of production without resorting to outsourcing the production or investing in costly mechanized machinery. All items are hand crafted and hand dispensed.
Strict levels of hygiene along with our high standards of expertize amongst our staff have all ensured that we maintain our creative and personal touch in our laboratory.
Our herbs and natural ingredients that are utilized in our products are ALL locally grown and sourced as well as utilizing the highest grade essential oils available, ensures that our end product is one that can firmly stand its ground and duly hold its place in the ever competitive natural health care industry.
We will continue in our quest to make available a product that is highly researched, unique in many ways, yet still affordable to those who have the desire to make use of a product that makes a difference without having to purchase health care products that are often overpriced and harmful to our Mother Earth.


  • Street: 45 Longships Ave Plettenberg Bay, SA 6600
  • Postcode: PO Box 2201 Plettenberg Bay 6600