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AFRI-BERRY - South African Manufacturer of Organic and Cold Pressed Skin and Hair Products


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Afri Berry Organic Products

Our Vision is to bring our African Experience to the world, to share our knowledge of Africa's natural bounty, to honour our heritage and give back to this wonderful continent, where we have all lived for generations. We Endeavour to provide quality African Earth skin and hair products that will surpass customer expectations, whilst continually improving our processes through the use of innovative ideas and including the finest natural ingredients sourced all over Africa. This we do through not only our technologically advanced extraction, processing, purification and production methods, but also through constant research into consumer trends and keeping up to date with the ethno-botanic discoveries and applications.

Company Focus

The private label skin care product division of Afri-Berry was developed in 2011 out of customer need for high quality, naturally-based skin and hair care products produced in smaller batch runs. Afri-Berry is a leading South African manufacturer of organic hair and skin repair product solutions that demonstrate visible difference to the end user.

Research and Development

Afri-Berry prides itself in keeping up to date with the newest ingredients and latest consumer trends. To do this, Afri-berry attends local and international cosmetic conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and subscribes to trade magazines and, most importantly, we listen to our customers! The focus of product development is to create advanced products using naturally derived ingredients.



Afri Berry For dry and damaged hair 2
Rich in ricinoleic acid and 17 other fatty acids, Jamaican Black Castor Oil brought to you by Afri-Berry, is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has a high pH that gently stimulates hair growth, while adding valuable nutrients and moisture. But the true secret, active ingredient in this revolutionary Afri-Berry product is the cow placenta powder - the hormones and cytokines in a cow’s placenta promote hair growth, elongating the hair shaft and increasing the number of hair follicles, it is also a natural alternative to chemicals used in hair products for treating hair loss.

Product details

When used regularly, your hair will become thicker, with more body and natural shine. It’s also great to use on your skin to hydrate and nourish it to a youthful glow. A convenient 50 ml bottle makes it easy to simply pop Afri-Berry Jamaican Black Castor oil in your bag and take it along wherever you go.

The cow placenta powder is the active ingredient. This is a breakthrough discovery that Afri-Berry has made and researched together with the ARC, and the patent currently lies with Afri-Berry.

The hormones and cytokines in a cow’s placenta promote hair growth not only by elongating the hair shaft but also by increasing the number of hair follicles; cow placenta is an affordable and natural alternative to minoxidile, which is widely used by hair experts for baldness.

No cows are harmed during this process - the placenta is retrieved when a baby cow is born, and instead of disposing of the placenta, it is used to make this amazing extract that helps to treat hair loss.

Excellent for stimulating hair growth
An amazing leave-in treatment for rejuvenating your hair
Thickens hair naturally, for a fuller thicker head of glossy lustre
Protects your hair from damage and repairs it too
Seals moisture in your hair
It even detoxes your hair from all the chemical treatments you have used
Also a great nourisher for your skin
Use it to condition your eyebrows and eyelashes
Cold pressed oil that penetrates 90% overnight

Cold pressed Jamaican Black castor oil, pimento oil, shea butter, rosemary extract, organic saponified oils of coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil, cow placenta extract


Afri Berry For dry and damaged hair 3

Rejuvenate your hair and skin with the oil that is known for an abundance of fatty acids and phytosterols. You can use coconut oil to deep condition your hair back to its original lustre with an anti-aging deep hair treatment, or moisturise your skin gently and effectively to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With an SPF 4, Afri-Berry Coconut Oil Spray also helps protect your skin when outdoors as well as helps repair existing damage. The convenient spray bottle makes application a breeze. Cold-pressed for maximum effect, this award-winning product does not contain harsh chemicals that may harm you or the environment.

 Product details

Please Note: Coconut Oil solidifies below room temperature, so in colder climates you may need to warm this bottle up before use - simply place the bottle in warm water for a few minutes to return the coconut oil to its liquid state.

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural treatment for nourishing both your skin and hair
It has a natural SPF of 4, so protects against the sun and helps to repair existing damage too
Treats fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
Use at night to give your face a nourishing beauty boost
Can be used as a make-up remover
Use it to prevent and treat stretch marks
A great leave-in deep hair treatment for lustrous hydrated hair
Stimulates healthy hair growth and balances scalp sebum
Hydrate your cuticles for beautiful hands and feet
Potent cold-pressed oil that penetrates over 90% overnight
Convenient spray bottle

Massage gently affected areas once or twice daily. Please immerse bottle in warm water should the oil solidify.


Cold pressed Coconut Oil


Afri Berry For dry and damaged hair

Shea butter makes a deeply penetrating and moisturizing hair treatment, smoothing away frizz, encouraging strong hair growth and treating dandruff and a dry scalp. It’s high in fatty acids that make it ideal for moisturizing and repairing not only hair, but dry or damaged skin as well. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimize stretch marks and relieve the itch of irritated skin with Afri-berry Raw Shea Butter’s skin regenerating magic, or smooth the way for a silky soft shave.

Product details

Gently melt some shea butter and apply it as a leave-in treatment for your hair once or twice a week for silky strong and shiny manageable hair, or use as a shaving base for a silky soft, non-irritating shave.

100% pure A Grade Raw Shea Butter
A natural subtle earthy smell
100 % raw & natural with no preservatives or fragrances
Pure Raw Shea Butter is so versatile and is also wonderful for:

Nourishing skin: full of fatty acids and vitamins that stimulate cell repair and moisturise for a glowing skin
Healing skin rashes, skin wounds, frostbite and sunburn
Soothing skin irritation and itching
Protecting your skin from harsh weather and the sun
Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy
A beauty treatment for soft, glowing skin that can be used by men and women

100% Pure A Grade Raw Shea Butter


Afri Berry For dry and damaged strech marks

Fight the visible signs of skin damage and aging without any painful and expensive cosmetic procedures. Argan oil is known as Moroccan Gold because of its amazing rejuvenating properties for both your hair and your skin. Its gentle nourishment contains many nutrients that effectively moisturise and repair your skin while reducing spots, wrinkles, scars and other skin problems. It’s also wonderful for smoothing rough skin on elbows and heels. Apply it to your cuticles or leave it in your hair overnight as a sumptuously effective and deep penetrating hair repair treatment.

Product details

Argan oil is a precious botanical oil that rejuvenates and repairs your skin
It treat spots, wrinkles and scars and stretch marks, dark marks and benefits problem skin

Great for rough skin on heels and elbow
A wonderful overnight leave-in hair treatment, penetrates up to 90%
A body oil to soften and beautify your skin
Soften your cuticles for beautiful nails on hands and feet
A luxurious bath oil to soak up some skin love
A handy spray bottle for easy application
Cold-pressed oil for full potency

100% pure cold-pressed Argania Spinosa (Argan)


Tummy trim jelly afri berry



Reduces appearance of veins
Improves skin elasticity
Enhance cell regeneration






scar nil jelly afri berry



Reduces appearance of new scars
Repairs skin tissues
Enhance cell regeneration






cellulite nil jelly afro berry



Reduces hard cellulite
Stimulates lymphatic system
Drainage of lymph
Balance of hormones