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HAIRPRINT - 100% non-toxic natural colour option for Greying Hair


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“Whether you’re in your early 30s or find yourself in your 50s, the question around what to do with your grey hair is bound to come up. HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer sets out to challenge and change what you believe about colouring your hair. HAIRPRINT is a breakthrough formula in green chemistry that is 100 % toxic free, safely restoring hair to its original colour, in just three steps. The patented formula recreates eumelanin, a pigment that colours all black and brown hair. Through mimicking this biological process, your hair receives the innate protein that it lacks thus restoring the vitality.

Hairprint hair restorer Hairprint hair restorer

The 3–step process is ideal for men and women of any ethnicity. Using vegetable extracts, HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer has no dyes, PPD, PTD, coal tars, parabens, ammonia or high levels of peroxide, eliminating smells, itching or burning.

Hairprint harmlessly restores natural pigment, as each person’s hair has a unique genetic structure, which we call your "hair print". It is as personal to you as your fingerprint. Hairprint honours that” says Reneé Nicolai, hairstylist and Managing Director of Gentle Approach the sole distributor of this ground-breaking product in South Africa.

The uniqueness of your “hair print” depicts the arrangement of pigment in your hair, which determines how light refracts, and how we perceive colour. Chemical colouring is unable to do this, and as a result, hair coloured with natural pigment will always look different, healthier and more natural than hair that is dyed.

Hairprint not only restores natural colour but also adds lustre and vitality. This chemical free product feeds your hair with the protein lost due to the ageing process, stress, genetics and poor diet.

Dr John Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry in Massachusetts invented Hairprint. He is one of the most honoured chemists today. In 2014, Dr Warner was awarded the Perkin Medal, widely acknowledged as the highest honour in American chemistry. Over a period of four years, he perfected a safe, healing and non-toxic process that mimics what hair follicles do: infuse hair with its natural pigment.

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Gentle Approach is a South African based company who are leaders in importing and distributing eco-conscious hair and beauty products and are the sole distributor of HAIRPRINT in South Africa. “

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