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Naturalmente Fennel and Geranium Moisturizing and normalizing shampoo and intensive hydrating treatment - Review!


Italians seem to see 'la dolce vita' as a basic human right and they apply it to everything from food to leisure and now, to hair care!

Review: Logona natural hair colours


A few days ago, I had the privilege of testing Logona hair colours for the first time, since then, I have received so many compliments on how healthy my hair looks that I'm convinced this is a product to watch!

My Top 5 eco friendly products for 2012!

By Lela Rabie

As co-owner of I am blessed to experience a wide range of products and every now and then a specific product makes a lasting impression on me. Below follows a list of my top 5 products for this year, believe me, it wasn’t easy to choose!