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Mioja products review

mioja products

Mioja Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream:

The first thing which strikes one about Mioja products is the absolutely divine packaging, I love the coloured glass containers and being someone who is very aware of the energetic properties of what I buy, it really made me smile to see that the inside of the packaging is also coloured, so as to impart colour properties to the products, even when they are on the shelf.

Foot Cream from Mai Co. | Natural Products


Lovely! My feet felt fabulous after applying this cream and after two applications on two consecutive days, they felt even better! I don’t usually like applying foot cream in the mornings, especially not if I’m wearing socks but I decided to try this cream and it received the seal of approval for sure! It absorbs well and leaves no residue and once again has a lovely smell.

Hand and body butter from Mai Co. | Natural products


This hand and body butter is light enough not to feel sticky but still leave ones hands silky and soft with a lovely fragrance. The feel good factor is definitely upped by knowing it is produced small scale by a family business using natural herbs and essential oils.