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Heart Tree Eye Oil | Review

The Heart Tree anti aging eye oil

As soon as I used this oil for the first time, I knew it was a keeper..It had been a long day and a late night and I decided that I would need all the help I could get to look fresh the next morning, so I applied it before bed and again the next morning.

My eyes were bright and it really looked as if I had a full 8 hours sleep (which with a one year old who is still breastfeeding was sooo far from the reality!) and the skin around my eyes was firm and not at all puffy. It also seemed as if my eyes were more moisturised somehow. I'm really not sure how this little oil works but I do know that the results speak for themselves, I have used it daily since then and fine lines have disappeared, my skin is more taught and generally I look more bright eyed and awake than I feel sometimes! Definitely one to add to the regular shopping list! Find out more about the business behind this little gem here: