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Review - JINJA Face wash | JINJA anti-ageing oil | JINJA velvet touch day cream and night cream.


One of the first things I noticed about the JINJA face wash is the wonderful scent, I really felt like I had a flower garden in my shower! The wash left my skin feeling cleansed but not dry or tight and I truly felt 'fresh-faced'. In the mornings I followed the wash with the velvet touch day cream and in the evenings I followed up with the anti-ageing oil and a bit later applied the night cream.

The day cream absorbs quickly, feels great on the skin and definitely has some sun protection properties.

The anti-ageing oil was so easy to apply and made for a wonderful extra moisture boost to my evening skin care routine.

The night cream is quite possibly my favourite of the entire range, I love the scent and it really made my skin feel pampered.

The best part about this range is that after only one week of using it, a friend whom we had not seen for a while, commented that I looked 5 years younger, especially my skin! If that is not a recommendation, then I don't know what is! Following that, I received similar comments from 4 other people at various times, thus, I am absolutely sold on the JINJA anti-ageing range, it has been proven to work!

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