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Cosmetology Facial scrub and moisturiser from Hemporium - Review

hemporium hemp face scrub

I am an absolute sucker for blue glass bottles, I don't know what it is but show me a blue glass bottle and I'm 90% sold! So it wasn't hard for the Cosmetology range from Hemporium to catch my attention! The facial scrub does absolutely what it says on the bottle, I'm a lady who likes my scrubs to feel really scrubby and this one did not disappoint.

However, it was gentle enough that using it every second day was really not a problem and it left my skin feeling squeeky clean. The moisturiser felt a bit heavy on first application, once rubbed in it just felt wonderful, and it smells amazing (those of you who are familiar with my reviews know that I'm also a sucker for good smellies!). I'm totally sold on this duo, just two more great products from the Hemporium camp! To find out more about Hemporium, go to: