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Nature Fresh Herbal anti-microbial toothpaste - Review

Nature Fresh Herbal anti microbial toothpaste

I first started using natural toothpaste in London when the idea of such a thing in South Africa was still only a twinkle in someones eyes and upon my return to SA in 2006, struggled to find a brand which could compete with what I had become used to overseas. A few years later I found the Nature Fresh range in Pick and Pay of all places and I've never looked back!

Even though I have tried other brands along the way, I've always come back to the Nature Fresh range. The Herbal anti-microbial toothpaste cleared up my swollen gums in less than a week and the texture, taste and price are the best I've found. If you're used to sickly sweet 'conventional' toothpastes, this may take a little while to get used to but once the bug has bitten, you'll be a client for life! The toothpaste contains no added fluoride, triclosan, colouring or nasty chemicals and is even pet friendly!
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