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Dr Baumann Sensitive skin range - Review!

grosses bild baumann gb

Recently I was lucky enough to receive some products from Dr Baumann in Cape Town for review. Below are my findings!

Dr Baumann Cleansing Gel

1018 CleansingGel 200ml ret
The first thing I noticed about this gel is how gentle it felt on my skin, there was no stinging or stickyness and absolutely no itchiness or dryness after use. I tried it as a make-up remover and it worked very well to remove both eyeshadow and mascara. I have truly sensitive skin so I tend to be wary of cleansers, however, I can happily recommend this as a solution for sensitive skins!

Dr Baumann Liposome Multi Active Light

1070 Liposome Light 30ml
Scientific studies have shown that Multilayered Liposomes comprised of unsaturated fatty acids can boost the skin’s moisture content by almost 100% within only 7 days. I certainly found that the combination of phospholipids, ceramides, skin-endemic lipids and highly active vitamins, worked in a gentle manner to achieve a genuine Anti-Aging effect on my skin. I especially noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes, always a bonus! The liposomes also act as carrier and ensures that these skin identical active ingredients gets transported to the deepest layers of the skin which helps to promote regeneration & revitalization. I noticed a visible difference in the texture and 'shine' of my skin after about 5 days so I was very chuffed!I would recommend the Liposome Light for oily or sensitive skin types or to get skin accustomed to the use of liposomes.

Dr Baumann Sensitive Oily/Normal Moisturizer

57121 drb sensitive oily and normal Kopyala
Active ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Vit E, Vit A, Provitamin B5, urea & Lactic Acid make the Dr Baumann Sensitive moisturizer perfect for delicate skin. As all ingredients are completely skin compatible and skin identical, it is a wonderful solution for those who tend to suffer from allergic reactions to skincare products. I found this moisturiser to be deeply nourishing and I even used it as a night cream.

Dr Baumann Sun Lotion Factor 25

SFP 25
Dr Baumann's Sun care's composition of mineral light protection filters make it UVA and UVB resistant. By reflecting the suns rays instead of absorbing them, it offers physical sun protection whithout the use of harmful chemicals. As well as being protective, this sunscreen also provides the skin with deep nourishment through natural oils and Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant. I used it very effectively under my daily moisturiser and spent the entire afternoon in the sun without any worries! Definitely a good handbag staple!

Look out for Dr Baumann on the site very soon!