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D’vine Greens Castille Soap – Review !


Years ago, I used a pure olive oil soap imported from Greece and have been looking for something similar ever since. When D’vine Greens Castille soap came to my attention, I was truly excited and could not wait to try it!

I was more than delighted! D’vine Greens say in their literature that one can bathe with their soap, wash ones hair with their soap, wash ones dishes with their soap, wash ones dog with their soap and even brush ones teeth with their soap! So, me being me, and loving a challenge of a green nature, I did most of the above ( I didn’t wash my dog, as he wasn’t too keen on a bath on that day!) and here is what I found:

Bathing with D’vine Greens Castille soap: A d’vine experience no less! This soap was even better than the one I remembered which came from Greece and left my skin feeling moisturised and supple. The scent is subtle and the texture on my skin was wonderful.

Washing ones hair with D’vine Greens Castille soap: I washed my hair with this soap and nothing else 3 times in one week, by the third wash, my hair was actually starting to look as if I had used a conditioner! I’m a girl for my green lotions and potions though so will stick to my usual hair care routine, however, I would definitely take this on a camping trip or weekend away!

Washing ones dishes with D’vine Greens Castille soap: One of the other lovely things about this soap, is that it really does foam beautifully, giving one a great sense of satisfaction (what is it about warm soapy suds that does that?), it cleaned well, even with cold water and I’d say the biggest plus point is that it leaves ones hands soft and clean, no need to wear dish-washing gloves when using this soap. Another reason for taking it on a camping trip!

Brushing ones teeth with D’vine Greens Castille soap: I must admit, this was the one I was most afraid of! My fears were unfounded though, as it was actually a surprising experience! The taste was not at all what one would expect when washing ones mouth out with soap, literally! There was no sting, no rinsing again and again to get rid of the aftertaste and my teeth were shiny and clean. Yet another reason to take this on a camping trip! How I wish my Mom had used this rather than an iconic South African brand (it’s green in colour and smells) when she washed out my mouth  with soap after I said something unsavoury to my little sister for nabbing my favourite toy! Although, I may not have learnt my lesson then!

I think carrying a bar of this soap in ones car and travelling bag is a great way to ensure you are always super prepared for any cleanliness eventuality! Definitely one of my favourite finds this year!

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