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Well Being Articles: Nutrition

Health and Healing with Hemp | Seed Oil and Seed Protein Powder

From our friends at Hemporium:

"Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food."
Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine.


By now you probably know how versatile industrial hemp is, and how many thousands of applications it has, from tree-free paper to renewable fuel to durable and long-lasting clothing.

And many of you probably also know that hemp will not get you high, as it contains less than 1% THC, the mind-altering compound found in smoke-able cannabis. But did you know that while hemp can’t get you high, it can help heal and nourish the body and mind?

This is because hemp is loaded with an abundance of nutrients, a fact recognised by ancient cultures such as in China, where hemp seed formed part of the staple diet. Here’s how hemp helps maintain radiant health and well being.

Hemp Seed Oil:

As the name implies, hemp seed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Not to be confused with THC/cannabis oil, which is extracted from the leaves and buds of a high-THC cannabis plant. As hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of THC, it will not get you high or make you fail a drug test.
Among other vitamins and minerals, Hemp Seed Oil is prized for its content of Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 & 6 (EFA’s), & Vitamin E.

Hemp-field Hemp-Oil Shelled-Hemp-Seed

Hemp oil is one of the most balanced natural sources of Omega-3 & 6, A.K.A Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).

Essential fatty acids are known as essential because they cannot be synthesised by the body, and need to be obtained through the diet.

EFA’s play an important role in metabolism, cell growth, and general brain functioning.
Since 60 percent of the human brain consists of fats, a balanced ratio of Omega 3: Omega 6 in a person’s diet can assist brain functioning and help prevent problems such as depression and poor concentration.

Studies show that EFA’s may also help to:

> Boost the immune system
> Reduce inflammation in heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis
> Prevent blood clotting
> Lower risk of blocked blood vessels
> Prevent hardening of arteries
> Lower blood pressure
> Lower cholesterol levels
> Improve cardiovascular health

Vitamin E:
> Hemp seed oil contains significant amounts of anti-oxidant Vitamin E.
> Vitamin E’s widely known benefits for the skin and hair include nourishing, protecting and helping to heal cuts, burns, scars and dryness (skin) and dryness or split ends (hair).
> Hemp seed oil has also been shown to help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
How to use Hemp Seed Oil:

Hemp oil is not suitable for cooking as high temperatures decrease the nutrient content, but it can be drizzled over salads, added to smoothies, or taken by the spoonful as a supplement. Hemp oil is also highly effective applied externally. It can be used pure or mixed with other natural ingredients as a treatment applied directly onto the skin or hair.

Hemp Seed Protein Powder:

Hemp seed protein powder is a by-product of the oil extraction process. Once the seeds have been cold pressed and the oil extracted, what is left is known as hemp seed protein powder.

Hemp seed protein is:
> One of the most highly regarded plant proteins, making it an excellent alternative for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone cutting down on eating meat.

> Among the most easily digestible proteins, meaning the body can readily use it for tissue, muscle and hormone formation

> It contains all 20 known amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced by our body. Amino acids help to form brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine

> A good or even excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc and potassium – and of several B1, B3 and B5 vitamins

> High in Dietary Fibre

How to use Hemp Seed Protein:
Hemp seed protein has a nutty flavour and can be sprinkled over salads, mixed into a pate with olive oil, garlic and salt or simply added to soups and smoothies.

Not only healthy for humans:

So it is clear that Industrial Hemp is a nutritional powerhouse with so much to offer. But not only does hemp help you keep healthy, growing it is also environmentally friendly.

> Growing hemp does not require many pesticides or fertilisers, meaning less toxic chemicals in our soil, air and water
> Hemp grows quickly, making it a sustainable resource
> Due to fast and vigorous growth, Hemp absorbs high amounts of carbon dioxide, helping to reduce the effects of global warming

So while you benefit with radiant health and well being, you can also help heal the planet.

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