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Is pomegranate juice good for us?


Pure Pomegranate juice has disinfectant and antiseptic and properties and is one of  most powerful antioxidants in nature. Antioxidants are molecules that protect the body from the harm done by free radicals that cause cancer, Alzheimers disease, heart disease and premature ageing.

Antioxidants also reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis – a condition that leads to the thickening and hardening of arterial walls. In addition they help raise the levels of "good" (HDL) cholesterol in the body, whilst reducing the uptake of the oxidized "bad"  cholesterol(LDL). The antioxidant properties in pomegranates (and their juice!)are higher than those found in blueberry, cranberry and orange juices and are three times more powerful than those found in green tea or red wine.

The pomegranate contains the fatty acid CLA and is is one of only 6 plant species that contains this. CLA is a natural and very powerful anti-cancer agent.

Pomegranate also contains estron - a natural estrogen which is also produced by the human body. When pomegranates or pomegranate juices are consumed regularly, the likelihood of menopausal symptoms and the need for hormone replacement therapy may be reduced.There have also been reports of lessened side-effects from chemotherapy.

Pont’s delicious, refreshing pomegranate juice is completely natural. To ensure that you get the most wholesome product possible, we only use fresh juice. We do not add any preservatives or additives, nor do we apply any heat treatment (pasteurising). Raw, unpreserved, unpasteurised, undiluted beautiful juice. It is kept frozen until ready for consuming.

It is presented in 235ml (for R25.00) and 1 litre (for R90.00). Buy a case (24) of 235ml’s & they’re R20.00 each. Please enquire for wholesale prices.

In Johannesburg & Pretoria it is distributed & sold by Bjarne Henriksen of Healthy Henriksen. Call +27 82 969 6955 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 For the rest of South Africa, refer to the website: