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Risoli presents the new collection of Dr.Green acessories

risoli dr green accessories

The quality which characterizes Risolì for more than 50 years can also be seen in the complementary products and tools. 

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risoli dr green accessoriesrisoli dr green accessories 1

Your cookware could last even longer and could be cuddled by useful accessories which will help you during the cooking. The Dr.Green® Accessories collection follows the Dr.Green® concept of eco-friendly and natural cooking, in order to bring into your house a healthy way of cooking and eating. The new Dr.Green® accessories include:

· kitchen linens and textiles
· Utensils
· Cleaning special products
Dr.Green® textiles are soft, long lasting, reliable and are perfect to clean and handle Risolì's cookware. All the textiles and linens are made of 100% pure cotton and made in Italy. Style and functionality are express by the design: the waffle weave parts guarantee a better and longer tear and wear-resistance, while the basket weave parts are characterized by the Dr.Green® typical pattern.
In order to give the possibility to cook in a safe way, Risolì has developed Dr.Green® utensils: made of Italian recyclable, certified and non-toxic nylon. Dr.Green® utensils stand out also for their resistance, which allows them to be used also up to 220°C. Moreover the ergonomic design assures an easy and comfy use.
But it's not over! Following the eco-friendly concept that characterizes the Dr.Green collection, Risolì in collaboration with I.C.E. FOR S.p.a. has developed GreenClean® a special line of cleaning products: degreasers and sponges for your Risolì's pots and pans or any other cookware. Degreasers and detergents are all eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and delicate, with you and with the environment.
The products have been designed considering the several requirements of a practical and eco-friendly kitchen. They enlarge the Risolì accessories selection which already includes the essential Adaptor, the induction grill which keeps the food warm and the heat-resistant mat Protector, which is made of silicon, comfy, easy to clean and wear-resistant.
Risolì, the accessories for your home.