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Ohana Designers Launches New Product - Princess D Menstrual Cup

ohana PrincessD menstrual cup

The aim behind creating the PrincessD Menstrual Cup was originally to help disadvantaged rural girls and it has now grown to be a 'green product' which can easily be used by all menstruating women and girls.

1 - It is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and a sustainable solution for girls and women.

2 - The cup is ultra-soft, made from medical grade silicone and is reusable for 5 years.

3 - It is a greener alternative to disposable tampons and pads as it does not add to landfill.

4 - It has other benefits - it is completely comfortable for sports such as swimming, yoga, dancing or any type of activity as it allows safe, secure, discreet and leak-free protection for up to 12 hours at a time.

5 - One menstrual cup is equivalent to about 1500 sanitary pads/tampons over a five year cycle.

6 - There is an added benefit where we introduced the combo pack – one menstrual cup and one compact, foldable silicone steriliser cup.Only 300ml of boiling water is required per month to sterilize the menstrual cup!

Ohana Princess menstrual cup ohana Princess menstrual cup

There are 2 sizes available, small and large
Retail Price: R320

Fb page: Princess D Menstrual Cup
: Ohana Designer Products
Tel: 063 010 7125 | 082 894 9766

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