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Natural Beauty with Avocado and Fenugreek

Text and image contributed by Organic Advocate and Breathe Brand Manager - Ammon Maloney

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When I contemplate the idea of the old saying "you are what you eat" it has a far deeper meaning for me now than ever before. The journey with food and nourishment extends itself to the products and things we apply to our skin and hair and what we feed our body orally and dermally.

Ultimately with knowledge comes responsibility which in this case means looking after your own health by taking into consideration the source of your food and making sure that your choice of ingredients and the food combinations potentiate one another. Our health is our most valuable asset after all.

Being in the Organic beauty industry I have to walk my talk, I believe in the ritualization of my nourishment which for me is my morning routine which consists of a cold pressed juice of fresh greens picked from the garden combined in my blender with an Avocado and some almonds, hemp seed and a teaspoon of Fenugreek powder. I sip my breakfast while doing my daily beauty routine which is simple but very effective. These two self - nourishing rituals go hand in hand as I usually do them at around the same time.
My current obsession is with the powers of Fenugreek and Avocado oil. Fenugreek is rich in minerals and proteins, has a balancing effect on the body and stabilises blood sugar levels.It also acts as a regenerative tonic. Avocado Oil is known as the beauty fruit, being great for the skins elasticity and hydration which combat the signs of ageing. Avocado oil is also highly beneficial for hair and nails due to the high levels of essential Omega oils which are excellent for brain function too.Drizzled over salads or added to dressings this liquid gold will beautify you to the max.
My juicing never gets boring as the gardens response to the changing seasons offers me variety and I am always up for something different. Some days I blend Celery, Cucumber, fresh Turmeric, Kale, and an Apple and throw in a coupleof garlic cloves and Cayenne Pepper – my kids raise an eyebrow and opt for a fruity smoothie!

 My motto is “Organic, fresh and alive if you want to Thrive”

The Anti- Ageing regenerative range from Breathe skin therapy is loaded with Fenugreek, Avocado Oil and JoJoba oil blended with milk thistle to regenerate and nourish your skin.

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