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The Shoporganic Top 5 Organic/Natural products for 2014.

2015 top organic products

Every year we review products for the website and also use many products in our personal capacities, naturally there are always some which stand out and 2014 was no exception. Usually the Shoporganic Top 5 list is given in no particular order, however, this time, I have to single out a number one spot product, as I am so completely in love with it!

1. AYA Balm

aya balm top organic product 2014

Our number one product for 2014 is AYA Balm, I used this product for so many things: lip balm, after-sun, on insect bites and scratches, as a night cream and even as a cuticle balm and exfoliator. This little bit of sunshine in a tin, definitely deserves to go far! Read my earlier review here:

2. Macassar restructuring fluid from Naturalmente

Macassar restructuring fluid top organic products 2014

Next on the list is the Macassar restructuring fluid from Naturalmente, with this bit of magic in your pocket you’ll never have a bad hair day again! This did wonders on my curly hair in a tropical climate so it is now firmly on my ‘never be without it’ list! Read the review here:

3. Green Shake powder from Superfoods

superfoods greenshake shop organic top organic products 2014

Green Shake powder from Superfoods made a strong impression by providing me with green goodness on a 3 month trip in Central Africa. Fresh greens were sometimes hard to come by and the green shake powder really came in handy as a supplement. Green Shake powder does have a strong ‘green’ taste so I found mixing it with a juice or yoghurt to be a good option. Find out more about this powder and other superfood mixes by visiting

4.Victorian Garden Vanilla and Mango Salt scrub

Victorian Garden Vanilla and Mango Salt Scrub top organic products

I am an absolute soft touch when it comes to body products and pampering is very high on my list of priorities, so when Ecoshopper sent me a Victorian Garden Vanilla and Mango Salt scrub to review, I was very happy indeed! The product spoke for itself and I started finding reasons to shower in the middle of the day! Read my earlier review here:

5. Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser

down to earth revive moisturiser organic product 2014

Finding a moisturiser which can nourish my sensitive skin and manage my sometimes oily t-panel can be quite a challenge and I was lucky enough to find one in the Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser. This locally made product will soon be an international contender in the natural beauty product market, read my review here:

Congratulations to all on the Top 5 for 2014 list! I look forward to finding many more outstanding products in 2015! To enter a product for consideration for the Top 5 list, simply send us a product for review before 30 November 2015. For details, contact us.