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Stellar Organics joins the fun at Platbos forest!


Recently two of the profilers participated in the Reforest fest at the amazing Platbos forest. Stellar was there with their luscious wines and Platbos is home to the wonderful African Tree Essences as well as a 1008-year-old White Milkwood tree!

Stellar went even greener for this fest which took place over two weekends and created a few rustic Live-A-Little “bag-in-boxes” for the event to make sure that the wine flowed freely and was easy to access. These were a great success and they have now sent some of these boxes up to Zambia for the Trees for Zambia Festival of Action!

A whopping 10 002 indigenous trees were planted over the two weekend festival, a record for organisers Greenpop!

Check out the hashtag #reforestfest on Twitter for more!

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