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The Shoporganic 5 Travel and Handbag Essentials

By Lela NK

Living out in the countryside means that we have to drive fairly long distances to go anywhere so I have realised that it is important to always carry a few basics with me!

Other than an extra jacket, some drinking water and a torch (these were drilled into me from a young age by my parents), I have also discovered some wonderful organic and natural products which I now don’t leave home without!

D’vine Greens castile soap


Having a bar of this soap in my travel pack means unexpected overnight stays (like when the car breaks down or a party runs late) are absolutely no problem. I have washed my body, my hair and my clothes with this soap, all with great results, I’ve even brushed my teeth with it! It’s true versatility also makes it great to take on camping trips.

Organic Solve waterless hand sanitiser


This hand sanitizer seems heaven sent when one is stuck in late afternoon traffic on the N2 and everything is getting sticky! Its fresh scent instantly uplifts and it leaves ones hands feeling wonderfully clean and fresh! Fantastic for cleaning faces after in-car snacks for the children also, merely squirt a little on a piece of cloth or tissue and use as a wipe. This too, is a perfect product for camping trips.

AYA Balm

Made from sun-ripened papayas AYA balm does everything you used to use petroleum jelly for, and more! I have used it as a lip balm, an eyebrow tamer (yes!), a heel balm, and a soothing ointment for some nasty scrapes. It makes a great bum cream for babies and the bright colour even acts as a mood lifter on dark days! Definitely a handbag staple!


Sunumbra sunscreen


Never leave home without it! Natural, environmentally friendly and locally produced, Sunumbra sunscreens are the answer to keeping your skin protected in the South African climate. Remember, we even need sunscreen in winter, those cloudy days can be surprisingly harsh when it comes to sunburn!

Platbos Tree Essences


The Platbos Essences are some of my favourite scents and their energetic properties really make a difference to my day! Mist your space with one of your favourites for an instant peace infusion! If you, like me, get quite frazzled in city traffic and big shopping centres, carrying one of the Platbos Essences is the perfect first aid!

Find out more about the wonderful companies which make these amazing products here: