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The Shoporganic Sunburn Survival Guide! Natural solutions for sunburn...


What to do if you’ve run out of Sunumbra sunscreen and left your Hemporium sun hat at home? Well, what happens, is you get sunburnt! I should be way past the age where sunburn should happen to me, I really do know better! However, these past holidays, I found myself a not-so-fetching shade of red after a day spent on the Hermanus Country Market. I had spent most of the day in the shade of a beautiful bluegum tree, only to find out that reflected light can burn one just as easily as direct sunlight!

So what does one do when caught red-nosed?

Step One: Wash your face and other affected areas with cool water, use Dvine Greens gentle Castille Soap, or Esse Gel Cleanser.

Step Two: After patting dry, apply Mioja Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes. This is wonderfully soothing!

Step Three: Rinse face and wash again with Dvine Greens Castille soap or Esse Gel Cleanser. Wash body with Dvine Greens Castille soap, using tepid water.

Step Four: Pat face and body dry with soft towel, taking care not to drag or scratch skin. On face and body, apply Lulu & Marula Refreshing Tonic Mist.

Step Five: On face, apply Esse Omega moisturiser and on body Beautiful Earth Body Lotion for babies, with essential oils of May Chang and Calendula.

Step Six: Drink Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy for the shock and drink plenty of water throughout the night.

Dvine-Greens-Castile-soap-1  lulu-marula-REFRESHING-TONIC-MISTEsse-Gel-CleanserMioja-Wild-Ginger-Stimulating-Maskesse-light-moisturiser

These are exactly the steps I followed and the products I used, the next day, my skin was no longer sore and did not peel, even though I had such a bad burn that I had shakes and cold sweats during the night!

I followed the same routine for the following few days and my skin now is a lovely golden brown, with no signs that I ever got caught unawares!

Needless to say, I’ve stocked up on sunscreen and my hat is firmly in my bag!

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