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Natural Haircare – the big change over


When changing from the regular run of the mill chemical based shampoos and conditioners to those with all natural ingredients there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly natural shampoos do not have the same amount or type of foam that one gets with chemical shampoos, this is because there is no sodium lauryl sulphate (1) in truly natural product. The natural foaming agents create a more dense foam. At Naturalmente we recommend that you use a small amount of shampoo for your first wash – this you will massage into and clean your scalp from all the chemicals left behind by other haircare products and general everyday life. The second wash use half the amount you used on the first wash and lather that hair from root to tip, it is at this stage that you will experience the more dense foam from the natural ingredients.

With the natural conditioners you will find that the more wet your hair is, the easier it is to spread and cover the hair with the natural conditioner. Remember to massage the conditioner into the scalp as it is important to condition the scalp and the hair. For best results leave the conditioner in for as long as possible, before rinsing.

At Naturalmente(2) we always recommend our Citrus Shampoo for clients that are switching from main stream chemical shampoos to our natural shampoo range. It is a cleansing and volumising shampoo that aids in strengthening the hair, providing a lightness and shine to the hair and the scalp. With ingredients such as lemon and orange essential oils to stimulate, tone and refresh the hair and scalp; Chamomile to help soothe the scalp and calm muscle tension; and Lavender to help purify the scalp and prevent hair loss. Bergamot and Soya help to balance the pH and stimulate hair growth,making it more manageable,giving it fantastic body and shine. The citrus shampoo can be used for fine to medium hair types and for oily or sensitive scalp types, being a natural and gentle product it can even be used for babies and children.

As a first natural conditioner we recommend our Fruit Acids Conditioner as it is perfect for all hair types including dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. It is a light conditioner that aids in detangling, moisturising and sealing the hair without weighing it down. It promotes hydration in both the hair and the scalp, restoring the natural pH balance. This all natural conditioner contains mint and orange essential oils to calm itchiness, neutralise any infections that may be present and it stimulates hair growth and tones the scalp.

Change to natural haircare products during the month of November and receive a 20% discount on the Citrus Shampoo (3)and Fruit Acids Conditioner(4).


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