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Corkery - Leather Free accessories, 100% Natural Cork, 100% Vegan | Based in Johannesburg


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It’s about time we started looking at the world around us. If we just took the time we would see how our lifestyles have gone so far from being natural, and how those very lifestyles are diminishing what percentage of nature we’ve left ourselves to enjoy… Don’t lose all hope in humanity just yet. We realise that a few small changes can lead to a big difference.

Cork Leather the making

Take your everyday accessories for example- by going for plastic and leather free accessories you can do your part in saving the environment without sacrificing a thing! That’s where we come in. Our products are made from 100% natural cork giving them the earthiest look you can imagine! Aesthetics aside, the process of acquiring the cork involves an intricate art of peeling off the outer layer of bark without ever harming the Cork Oak. After stripping the bark the cork is sliced into thin layers before being made into ‘cork leather’- a durable material with a luxurious texture and natural look, and one with which we fashion our exclusive range…

Cork Backpack Handbag Cowboy Hat


Corkery began as a young female entrepreneur’s ability to see a gaping hole in the South African market for an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather and plastic derived fashion products such as bags, wallets, hats, you name it! The natural just-off-the-bark look of their cork derived products is exemplified by their motto, ‘you don’t have to kill in order to live fashionably’.

Cork Wallets and make up case

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*Our products contain no animal products and none are used in their production. Thus all our products are suitable for vegans.

**Based in Johannesburg