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The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company | Johannesburg


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About Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company

The ‘Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company manufactures exquisite skin, body and hair care products using traditional recipes first handcrafted during the Victorian era. All products are manufacturerd today by a team of experienced bio chemists in our laboratory in Johannesburg and comply strictly with international Health and Safety criteria and the Consumer Protection Act legislation.

The Company owes its existence to Lady Frances Glover-Anderson, an aristocratic Victorian herbalist who created skincare products during the 1800’s using beeswax, rosewater, infusions of organic herbs and flowers from her herb gardens and essential oils. 2 meticulously kept diaries written in flowing passed down through her family give fascinating descriptions of daily life in the 1800’s and list recipes for skin creams, body lotions and bath oils popular during that era with Victorian ladies. And British aristocracy.

Our Rose and Geranium Hand Cream recipe was first made for the Ladies in Waiting at Queen Victoria’s court during the 1860’s.

In Victorian times, the making of these products entailed the harvesting and
preparation of fresh herbs and flower extracts under adherence to the “planting and harvesting by the Moon” principles. These fresh plant extracts were then macerated, infused and combined with oils, rosewater and the by products of the beehive - Honey, Beeswax and Propolis – waxes being melted and stirred over a double boiler.

After many years of experimentation into Victorian recipes using the old
fashioned methods, there are now around 100 unusual & effective skin, body, bath and hair products.

There are four ranges of products. The original ‘Victorian Garden Collection’
makes use of traditional Victorian herbs, flowers and botanical extracts popular
during the 1800’s. The second range ‘The African Indigenous Collection’
combines unusual indigenous African plant extracts used for centuries by different tribal peoples. The third range “ The Royal Tudor Collection’ dates back to the 16th century, and commemorates the life and times of Britain’s King Henry VIII and his six famous Queens. What is known as “heirloom” plants are used in this range, ancient and rare botanical extracts popular during the 1500’s such as English Honeysuckle, Mimosa, Quince, Pomegranate, Hyacinth and Sweet Violet. The fourth range is ‘The Victorian Garden Baby Collection’ comprising is a selection of delectable safe and healthy Baby Care products.

All four product ranges comply to our strict “Green and Organic” stance on
ingredients: 99% Certified Organic, non Certified Organic and Natural ingredients.
Ingredients are sourced wherever possible from Fair Trade suppliers, containers
used are recyclable and we are privileged to be on the White List of approved
products with Beauty Without Cruelty International. Many products are Vegan

We currently market over a ton of products into the South African market each month and also export internationally. Last year we were one of the finalists in the 702
Talk Radio/Pastel Best Small Business Awards for outstanding products and service.

To encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by making small changes in their lives. Small “eco steps” towards a healthier, greener life. That means not polluting the earth or our bodies, not wasting what we’ve been blessed with. We constantly try to encourage people to be more discerning, to check out the ingredients listing on skincare products and on foods and for those who are meat eaters, to buy only free range and organically raised meat. Make informed decisions when you buy and try to choose the healthiest, preferably organic options wherever you can.

Support South African made – why buy expensive imported products when home grown is better and cheaper - remember that buying South African creates employment for our people. Try to make little changes in your life: consider what you are putting into your child’s lunchbox and how it will affect him or her; start to recycle seriously; check the quality of your drinking water; grow your own veggies if you can or support your local Farmer’s Market; Go green, Go Organic…and see how much healthier and better you feel! - this is our message to everyone out there.


  • Street: Head Office and Showroom: 26 Palmerton Road, Lonehill,
  • City: Johannesburg

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