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Janice’s Kitchen Bee’s Wraps:

Janice Kitchen

These are available in packs of three with 4 different colour variations we have also introduced a PURE Cotton Calico Wrap

Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm in size.

The ingredients for the sheets are:

Cotton blend material
Pure bees wax
Jojoba oil
The card wrapper is made of recycled paper

Metal Straw Cleaners:

I have 17.5cm and 23.5cm cleaners in stock. These are ideal for cleaning reed , bamboo, glass or stainless steel straws

The cost of these is negotiable according to quantities ordered.

Janice’s Kitchen Reed Straw Gift Set

Janice Kitchen 2

The gift set consists of the following:

Two biodegradable, reusable reed straws
One metal straw cleaner
One hand-made cotton blend bag
The gift has a tag attached which has been printed on recycled card

Janice’s Kitchen Reed Straws are made from the reed which grows naturally and abundantly in Mozambique, this is a raw, naturally renewing, chemical-free, organic, and biodegradable product suitable for the conscious consumer.

Each straw can be customised with engraving to suit your business, however there is a small additional charge for engraving.

The straws are each about 21cm long and vary in thickness. Because each straw is created from a single reed stalk, the colour, texture and thickness vary between each one. Each bulk order (50 or more) contains a selection of sizes. However, should you wish to request only thin or only thick straws (suitable for smoothies and shakes), an additional charge of R2 per straw will be required.

Please see attached the pricelist for the pricing of the straws. Larger quantities are negotiable.

Janice's Kitchen Stainless Straws are very strong and durable, beautiful, reusable and long lasting, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, safe for all types of foods and beverages, rust resistant, and break proof.
Stainless Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the kitchen, used to make cookware, utensils, commercial food processing and storage equipment, and more.
Stainless steel will not leach any chemicals into your beverage like plastic can.
Janice's Kitchen Stainless Steel Straws work well for water, juice, iced tea, coffee, soda, etc and also smoothies, yogurt, milk shakes, frozen cocktails, or protein shakes.